Best Cast Iron Camping Dutch Ovens Reviews (Discount Price 2020)

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Cooking outdoors can usually be a major turn off for potential campers. Many think it is too complex and even impossible. That is due to the fact that they may have never experienced cooking with a Dutch oven before.

So, what is the best Dutch oven for camping for experienced campers all the way through to those newbies? For the most part, this will differ for many individuals, but there’s just one definite factor in terms of picking a Dutch oven. It should be a cast iron.

Through the years, the humble Dutch oven has transitioned, and in some instances for the worse. A lot of companies are leaning towards enamel-based Dutch oven as of the moment which we find a little bit unsuitable for camping.

But now, times have changed and innovation has upgraded obviously. But one thing retains the same. Cast iron is the ideal kind of Dutch oven, particularly for outdoor activities such as camping.

Cast iron Dutch ovens are sturdy, heavy duty, and maintain heat for extended periods of time. Cooking up simple dishes without the need for power is of course camping at its fullest.

All in all, you should invest in one of the best cast iron Dutch ovens for your next camping experience and observe the difference.

What Is A Cast Iron Camping Dutch Ovens, And Why You Need One

Imagine of a Dutch oven as a large hefty pot made of cast iron, with a heavy thick sides and bottom just the same. It offers a tightly fitting lid, engineered to lock in the moisture as well as the flavour of the most delicious slow-cooked dishes out there.

Whether you want to tender lots of sweet vegetables, brown some meat, or slow-simmer a soup, or put together a finger-licking stew, Dutch ovens can be used in surprisingly a lot of ways.

From 2 quarts to over 8 quarts, Dutch ovens are generous in size, but this factor will be your last consideration once you take the plunge and do a little research on an online store.

One of the most ideal places to shop is on the web. For kitchen and home appliances, online stores are incredibly helpful and intimidating through its wide range of choices. You know you’ll find in there everything you’re looking for.

Top 5 Best Cast Iron Camping Dutch Ovens Reviews

1. Lodge Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven, 6-Quart

Are you perhaps going to the lodge this coming weekend? If you’re thinking of camping with your friends and family, then this cast iron deep camp Dutch oven is the ideal product for you. The name suggests away the purpose, but what you don’t know is the myriad of benefits of having it.

This eight quarts big black Dutch oven was meant for heavy duty applications. It comes with legs at its bottom making it possible to place the oven over charcoal or firewood. Its lid is also flanged, which means you can put coal if your dish needs it.

Its bail handle can be utilized with a tripod for you stability when cooking. In addition, its lid can also be used as a griddle. It is constructed made of full cast iron so it can withstand high heat. Also, it comes as pre-seasoned so that just when you purchase it, you can take it straight to your campsite for necessary use.

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Why We Like It
  • It comes with a cooking book
  • It comes pre-seasoned, so you don’t need to prepare it after purchasing it
  • Since this Dutch oven is primarily used for outside purposes, both its lid and handle can be used with a tripod and as a griddle
  • Its lid is flanged
  • Made in USA
  • Quite small for cobblers but decent size for soup, stew, beans, chilli, and the like
  • Its legs make it hard to set down on uneven areas

2. Lodge Seasoned Dutch Oven, 7 Quart

This product is another impressive Dutch oven from Lodge with 7 quarts holding capacity. The first thing you might have already noticed is that it is very different from the discussed product above. It doesn’t come with any polished finish and that’s due to the fact that it doesn’t come with any ceramic enamel.

The biggest difference between a Cast iron pot with enamel and a cast iron pot is that with a Cast Iron pot, you can deep fry your favourite dishes. On the other hand, enamel pots are normally can’t endure high heat for long period of time due to its texture like for instance porcelain. However, with a full cast iron, you can get ready with some hard-core cooking session since it can withstand high amount of heat.

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Why We Like It
  • Can be used on any kind of stove including electric stove, gas oven, and gas stove
  • It comes pre-seasoned so you don’t need to prepare it after purchasing
  • It’s a full cast iron Dutch oven with no enamel
  • Made in the USA
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 7-quart rust-resistant Dutch oven
  • Exceptionally tough for decades of cooking
  • Very good heat retention
  • Lid seats loosely
  • Doesn’t hold humidity well

3. Camp Chef Deluxe 9 1/3-Quart Dutch Oven

This Dutch oven seasoned cast iron makes it ready for cooking sessions. Its lid doubles as a skillet. In order to make your cooking fun, it comes with an integrated thermometer notch and it also comes with a lift tool.

Cast iron Dutch ovens are prominent for making some of the most delicious meals, from slow roasted meats to fruit cobblers. When cooking with this Dutch oven, your menu can expand since its lid doubles as a full-size skillet. Just turn the lid over to cook eggs, pancakes, or bacon, then replace the lid and begin cooking your favourite dishes for the next meal.

Furthermore, because its loop handle on the lid is a little bit small for mitted lifting, using the supplied lid lifter for easier handling is advisable.

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Why We Like It
  • Comes with Dutch oven lid lifter
  • Lid with legs can be used as a griddle or skillet
  • 12 inches in diameter
  • True seasoned finish cast iron Dutch oven and built-in thermometer notch
  • Yellowstone national park commemorative edition
  • Loop handle on the lid is a little bit small for mitted lifting

4. Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned 7 Piece Heavy Duty Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The Bruntmor collection has 12 inch skillet with pour spouts on each side for stews; a 2.5 quart sauce pot, a skillet for the morning bacon and eggs, and a Dutch oven with lid for biscuits and roasts. Additionally, there’s a trivet for easy transport to the table, and the Dutch oven lid lifter.

Engineered for use on an open fire or using burnish ash, the collection comes with different cooking tools so you can prep anything – from biscuits, roasts, and stews, to eggs and bacons. All surfaces are pre-seasoned and non-stick, thus cooking and cleaning is easy and quick.

Moreover, the Dutch oven lid is engineered to hold hot coals, so you can use this piece as your camping oven. If cooking under hot coals is just new to you, you can check out some advice from the cowboy cooking experts, and you will soon be enjoying delicious baked goods and delicious breads of your own.

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Why We Like It
  • Pre-seasoned and non-stick surfaces help to make sure that cleaning is fast and easy
  • Convenient wooden box for extra portability
  • Large pot with lid and recess for the circulation of the burning ash
  • For cooking on an open fire or with burnish ash
  • Ideal dimensions
  • Its box is pretty weak
  • The frying pan bottom isn’t level; it has a wave in it

5. Lodge 5 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This one is an ideal Dutch oven with exceptional versatility. Instantly you can see that it doesn’t come with a knob on the lid and that is due to the fact that the lid can also be used as a skillet.

It is also another full cast iron Dutch oven that is five quarts size and really doubles down in terms of cooking. Due to its lid’s design and weight, it ensures that no flavour or moisture leaves the pot when used as a cover.

Due to the domed-shape cover, you need sufficient space to roast your meat with convenience. With this Dutch oven, you can take complete control of your cooking as the heat spread evenly from the bottom whether you’re even roasting, searing, frying, or baking. And lastly, it comes pre-seasoned, so you don’t need to worry about preparing your pot right after purchasing it.

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Why We Like It
  • This full cast iron Dutch oven comes pre-seasoned
  • This Dutch oven can be used from roasting to searing, making it very versatile
  • Easy to clean using rubbing with cooking oil or hand-wash
  • Wire bale handle
  • Impressively tough for decades of cooking
  • Works with induction stove tops
  • Virtual non-stick surface
  • Multi-functional cookware
  • Special coil on handle designed for easy lifting

What Makes A Good Dutch Oven In 2019 


This factor is a key feature of all Dutch ovens – the tight-fitting lid that seals in moisture. This feature to seal in moisture is one of the primary differences between normal pots and Dutch ovens. Certain Dutch ovens use lids made from tempered glass so you can see inside the pot without needing to lift off the top. And because Dutch ovens tend to get so hot, you must be sure to get one with a heat-resistant knob or lid handle. 


Dutch ovens come in various sizes. Most Dutch oven units begin at about 5 quarts, though some companies offer Dutch ovens as small as 1-quart. Five quarts is big enough to hold twenty cups of soup, so most families don’t need Dutch ovens any larger than that. Incredibly big Dutch ovens range from 8 to 12 quarts. These are also much pricier compared to the standard 5 to 7 quart Dutch oven, and are great for cooking one-pot meals for huge group.


The surface of a Dutch oven will either need seasoning with oil or be non-stick. Cast-iron Dutch ovens normally need seasoning, or else food will get stuck and the bottom part of the oven might burn. The pros of getting a cast-iron Dutch oven with pre-seasoned are that the flavour of food is more complicated. You also don’t run the risk of dealing with a synthetic non-stick surface, which usually chips gradually and emits hazardous fumes. When you use a cast-iron Dutch oven, you don’t want to use soap or the oil might come off. Just wipe the oven clean using a paper towel. Aluminium Dutch ovens usually come with a non-stick surface and don’t need seasoning at all. On the other hand, ovens with porcelain enamel usually need less maintenance, and give a good compromise for those who want the advantages of cast-iron, but don’t really want to deal with huge seasoning upkeep. 


Dutch ovens are prominent for their versatility. You can use them on the stovetop, in the oven up to 400 degrees, outside, and even under a broiler, provided that the certain model allows for it. Cast-iron is the most versatile material out there, so you can cast-iron Dutch ovens on every type of stove top including electric, ceramic, and induction.

Good Materials and Construction

Modern Dutch ovens are usually crafted from cast-iron or aluminium. They might also have some enamel over the layers of metal like porcelain or another non-stick coating. Because Aluminium is a thinner material compared to cast-iron, Dutch ovens from aluminium will normally have at least two layers of anodized or heavy-gauge aluminium. The hard-anodizing process makes the aluminium essentially sturdier. When it comes to material, cast-iron is prominent for its even heat distribution as well as its retention because of its innate thickness. On the other hand, even with multiple layers, aluminium usually heats up much faster for slow cooking with your Dutch oven. That’s why it is normal to have to deal with cold or hot spots. Now, while most Dutch ovens are either made from aluminium or cast-iron, some are constructed from ceramic.


You must always be careful when handling your Dutch oven since they can be very hefty. The larger Dutch ovens usually weigh nearly 30 lbs. and that is without any food inside. Cast-iron Dutch ovens are usually heftier compared to aluminium ones, which can weigh as minimum as 10 to 11 lbs. The lighter weight is one of the pros of aluminium. But regardless of the material you pick, make sure to look for heat-resistant handles, which make using the Dutch oven a lot convenient and safer, particularly if you’re transferring it from the stovetop to the oven or vice versa. 

Cleaning Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

When all is dusted and done, it is time to face up to the harsh reality that the washing up must be finished. Thankfully, this is not that hard of a task for cast iron Dutch ovens. By simply seasoning your oven, you promote a non-stick surface that must make cleaning really easy.

Usually, a rinse with hot water as well as a scrub with a good quality nylon brush must do the trick. However, sometimes you’ll happen across some food that just won’t budge. In these cases, it is best to boil some water in your pan for a couple of minutes to loosen the food which can then be brushed off away.

If your Dutch oven is now cleaned from all food-stuff, there are still some certain tasks that you must take to protect it. They are:

  1. Let the air to circulate around your Dutch oven. If the lid is in place then you can use a paper towel to make a gap and let the air through to the oven.
  2. Store the oven in a cool dry place.
  3. Apply a light coat of oil that can help you on top of the seasoning.
  4. Don’t leave your Dutch oven to air dry since this can promote corrosion. Make sure to always use a tower to dry the oven instantly.


Now that we’ve went through all the fundamentals of selecting, using, and maintaining a cast iron Dutch oven, from the best, sometimes costly, options to the more cheaper ones, you must be able to make an informed decision now.

So go ahead, shop now for what may be the best investment when it comes to cooking appliances.

Your cast iron Dutch oven can give you the most delicious, comfort foods, and last through many years. Remember that your family and friends deserve such a treat!

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