Advantages Of Armchairs Or Recliners With A Comfortable Soft Backrest

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People have been using armchairs or recliners with comfortable soft backrests for centuries. Time has flown, and changing fashion has touched the appearance of furniture. The armchair has undergone the most changes in the twentieth century.

Designers of upholstered furniture spend lots of time creating new forms and improving the functionality of mechanisms. We will tell you about the different parameters and basic modifications of chairs.

Recliner modification

In the last century, the concept of “ergonomics” appeared. This term indicates the correspondence of furniture to human anatomy. Backrests and armrests of upholstered furniture have changed and begun to adjust to our posture. The external appeal has been combined with functionality and practicality. There is a great post to read, about recliners and etc.

The first armchairs had a rectangular design. They had a straight and soft backrest and wide armrests. For many years, this design remained untouched. Everything has changed in the modern world. Interesting models of unusual design began to appear:

  • Bag chairs;
  • convertible chairs;
  • modular chairs;
  • recliners;
  • chairs with built-in shelves, tables, and other sections.

Armchairs are made in such styles as:

  • Art Nouveau;
  • Classics;
  • High-tech;
  • Provenance;
  • Minimalism;
  • Constructivism;
  • Eclecticism.

Armchairs or recliner with soft backrests

The main feature of this piece of furniture is a soft and comfortable backrest. It can be of different shapes: curved, straight, low, high. The most popular of them are:

  • Comfortable and soft backrest. This chair should make you feel comfortable. Great attention is paid to upholstery material and filler. The backrest usually has an average size. The armchair has massive armrests.
  • Tub chair. The design is unusual, the armrests smoothly turn into a low backrest. The legs of the chair are located deep under the seat. Leather or textiles are used as upholstery material.
  • High backrest. A product with a high backrest has a small area of the seat. The design of the armrests depends on the specific model. They can be either rigid or soft. Usually, such models are placed in offices and libraries.
  • Low backrest. In most cases, these products have rigid armrests, which are made of curved plywood. Such a piece of furniture is often placed in the modern style interiors.
  • Winged chair. The backrest of these chairs is high, armrests have a curved shape, the front legs are twisted. It has a decorative accent, buttons in the upholstery.

Furniture made by famous European designers is also worth mentioning. The designers include Robert Kaner, Milo Beauman, Hans Wegner, and others. These people have made a huge contribution to the development of furniture for modern interiors.

With or without armrests

Now that we know what the backrest designs are, let’s move on to the armrests. They can be of the following designs:

  • Wooden armrests. These parts can be with or without upholstery. Rectangular armrests used to be popular in the past but not anymore. Nowadays, bent details prevail.
  • Soft armrests. These can look like pillows and pouches, as well as removable modules. The shapes are usually round. Any fabric can be used for upholstery material. Bed chairs are very popular. Also, there are inflatable products made of plastic.
  • Without armrests. This category includes sack chairs and cone models. Among the new models are felt armchairs and chairs, which fit perfectly into the minimalistic interiors. In addition, these options include nest armchairs. This model was born thanks to the designer Richard Karkson. It looks like a frame hemisphere made of wood with an inlay filled with soft cotton cushions.

The latest designer’s model is the creation of the Canadian Felix Gayon. It’s an armchair, which is attached to the ceiling with a cable. Its structure combines leather, felt, and canvas. The chair is as comfortable as it is expensive.

Sizes and parameters

To determine the appropriate size of upholstered furniture, you need to know the size of the room where you want to place it, its functional features, and who will use it. Also, it’s necessary to pay attention to other parameters:

  • what a backrest and armrests look like;
  • upholstery material;
  • frame material;
  • the folding mechanism, if present;
  • fittings;
  • functionality;
  • durability.

Big chairs

For larger armchairs, tight padding is used. They are designed to allow the owner to “drown” in them. But you should know that they don’t have high ergonomics. When choosing an armchair, find out what material is used for its core. The best option here is solid wood.

Large armchairs can be soft and semi-soft. While choosing a model, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • upholstery, be sure to check the seams;
  • level of softness;
  • design, depending on the room interior;
  • functionality, the shape of the model depends on the room: a model with a high backrest is good for an office, a transformer chair is suitable for a bedroom, a large model would be perfect for a living room.

The size of a chair also depends on how many other pieces of furniture are there in the room. Armchairs are good for the zones where you relax, work, and sleep. While choosing a design, you should remember that large models are best for classic style.

Small chairs

It’s thought that small armchairs are used only for children’s rooms or small ones. But such upholstered furniture is suitable for spacious premises as well. In terms of aesthetics, small armchairs can look just as good as their large-size brothers. There are many different types of this kind of furniture, such as a chair bed, a bench seat with a pouf, and others. You can also find modes made of rattan and with a wicker frame.

To make a small armchair, designers usually don’t change the depth. They bring changes in the width, making a model smaller but as comfortable.

Narrow chairs

These models are usually used for offices and small halls. The most important thing here is the correct use of armrests. They either look like thin strips, or there are no armrests at all.

A good example of such a design is a recliner. It has a folding back- and armrests, as well as a retractable footrest. Modern models have massage and heating properties. Also, they can have a built-in player.

In conclusion, we can see that in the last twenty years, the furniture style has undergone strong changes. There is a large number of new models and interesting designs. Armchairs become better every year, and now every customer can find a model to his liking.

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